So, it’s official. We have finally stopped dreaming of stuffing a backpack and leaving the country until we have to crawl back, broke, and made it a reality. We are going to travel the world. More specifically, we are going to travel South East Asia.

First of all, hello lovely readers! I am well aware that there are probably about three or you – so hello Mum, Grandpa and someone who’s made a typo on Google. I’m Daisy – I’m the one with the big hair in the pictures, and I’ll be jabbering a lot on here. As I’m sure you can imagine (unless you’re not a fan of sunshine, in which case this trip won’t evoke a lot of jealousy, and so you should probably tune out now) I have never been more excited about anything; so please do forgive me if I ramble. I will be hitting the road with my boyfriend Ollie, who’s about 8″3’and will essentially be my bodyguard/entertainer/tour organiser and not to mention my personal musician (he is bloody amazing).

After a particularly horrible spout of depression, and feeling the nasty effects of trying to wean myself off Fluxotine as a result of this, I was in desperate need of something to look forward to. Deep into March, and the clouds heavy around us, sunshine seemed like a lifetime away – something I find hard to comprehend, as I rely on the sun to “recharge my batteries”. A couple of Google searches of South Asian beaches (or the idea of having a cuddle with a panda, in Ollie’s case), and we were sold. Now was the time to travel.

We quickly decided that we wanted to start in India, but the anticipation of the culture shock is obviously something to worry about – so we set our sites on easing ourselves in via the more touristy location of Goa. One paycheque in, and Bob was our particularly wonderful uncle: one way plane tickets and the first night in a treehouse on the beach were booked.

Ignoring advice about putting safety over savings, we booked the cheapest available flight on some dodgy Indian airline – adding a fun new element to the journey whereby we will score points if we make it to Asia at all. Feel free to play along and give yourself a point for every country we make it through without dying. Points are deducted for every important document/wadd of cash/phone I lose, so cling onto those high scores; they won’t be there for long.  Now is probably the time to let you know that I am the world’s least organised person, and lose everything I own. So, clinging onto one bag that holds everything I need for the next 9 months could be somewhat of a challenge…
Over the next few months we will be saving every penny we can get our little and large hands on, so tune in next time for the adventures of a couple with no money to spend. Spoiler: our main activities include watching Narcos and sleeping.

Introducing: Ollie 

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