Hello!  I have introduced myself and the reason for this blog pretty well already, on my first post, “Preparing To Travel The World”, so please have a read as my typing fingers are feeling pretty lazy and I don’t want to be repetitive.  In case your clicking fingers are also lazy; I’m Daisy.  Long story short, I am currently in preparation to travel South East Asia, along with my boyfriend Ollie.  My memory is like a sieve, so I’ve made this little blog as a way of remembering everything that we have been up to on our trip. (I have just remembered that colanders exist so this is actually a better analogy).

The plan for our travels is that we are flying out to Goa on the 6th of December 2016.  Although our families joke that we’ll be back home for Christmas, we are thinking that we should manage to stick it out in the sun for about six months.  In this time, we should work our way through India; Nepal; Thailand; Vietnam; Cambodia; Laos; China; Japan; the Philippines;  Indonesia and Malaysia.  Ollie is literally a grumpy old man when Britain tops 15 degrees so god knows why he’s coming with me.

We have been saving for this trip for 8 months.  We’ve worked crappy hours and been tired and grumpy and haven’t been able to buy eachother big birthday presents, but we have had the amazing goal of an absolute trip of a lifetime.  I really don’t want to forget the trip that we have spent all of this time working rubbish jobs and missing out on things for, so excuse me if I bore you with the details.

Ollie will  also be making videos of our days, which he will be posting on his YouTube here – so have a gander if you fancy experiencing quite how witty I am in the flesh:


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us on our 1 year anniversary!

So, here you have it! I am crazy excited and will most definitely be loaded with time to write this when I’m not dying from Delhi belly or rabies or Ollie murdering me for losing my passport or some other vital document.

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